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More about our Donkey Farm

The consumer of today dreams of authentic products in the spirit of a return to traditional values and products that respect the environment. Eurolactis produces, transforms and markets Donkey’s milk on a large scale. In the form of cooperative projects, Eurolactis has developed a social, ecological and economically lasting programme of European dimensions involving the biggest experts in this field. Eurolactis currently represents the biggest Donkey farm in the world and will eventually provide the biggest milk pro- duction in Europe. Thus we manage an evolving livestock of more than 680 heads of which nearly 430 are she-asses in exceptional conditions and processing. Eurolactis seeks to allow the agricultural and commercial development of Donkey’s milk unique vertues on a bigger scale while still respecting Nature.

Organic Value

Eurolactis, working with expert breeders, maintains over 680 donkeys at its main organic-certified farm in Montebaducco. The animals, raised on organic food, are milked under high hygiene conditions and regularly checked for health.

Nutritive value

Donkey’s milk is rich in essential fatty acids that aid in brain and retina development, with its omega-3 content promoting a healthy cardiovascular system.

Cosmetic Value

Donkey’s milk, akin to human mother’s milk, is rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids with anti-aging, anti-oxidant and regenerative properties, making it valuable in skin health and cosmetics.

Our Donkey Team


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Our Donkey milk

Discover the taste of wellness with our Donkey Milk, upheld for its exceptional quality and nutritional richness.


Cosmetic value


Nutritive value


Organic value

Today’s science community validates this heritage 

The scientific community validates donkey’s milk as a remarkable substitute for human milk, with unique dietary and cosmetic benefits. Eurolactis aims to uphold this legacy by producing health-conscious food and cosmetic products that retain its natural properties. 

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